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Atlas Hami Pars is one of the youngest professional teams in international commercial law, international commercial contracts, Oil and Gas contracts, international arbitration and Iranian law. Our firm, despite of young age, benefits from the most experienced team of experts in Iran which works on all abovementioned subjects.

Graduating from the best universities of UK, Canada and Iran and years of providing legal advice to the most well-known companies on legal and business related issues, gave a valuable experience on “what practically companies requirement from their legal team”. What differentiates us the most, is the practical knowledge on the business requirements and commercial process in place for each and every company.

Atlas Hami Pars Team

Mania Mokhtarzadeh

Mania Mokhtarzadeh

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Fatemeh Bagheri

Fatemeh Bagheri

Chair Lady
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Ayda Shahmardi

Ayda Shahmardi

Lawyer's Supervisor
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Code of Conduct of Atlas Hami Law Firm

Every one of us is considered an integral member of this law firm regardless of role, title, position, and responsibility.
This code of conduct defines factors affecting our strong and better performance at Atlas Hami Law Firm, as a small society, and consequently in a larger society, which is our country, Iran, with purpose of affecting the world we live in.
Our code of conduct describes who we are and defines values and beliefs which our performance is based on them.
Every single one of us will be an ambassador, representative, and symbol of this code of conduct at any time, and it is of prominent importance that all ethical obligations of this code of conduct be regularly examined and reviewed and be important and favorite topic of our conversations and discussions.
Our values are benchmarks which always lead and guide us in the way we have in front of us. Ethical values are centered around minimum fundamentals of ethics. What we have defined for ourselves is stricter and more solid.
This code of conduct describes culture of small society of Atlas Hami Law Firm. What, based on which, we behave with others and with one another, what we expect from any person who is somehow connected with this firm is to respect these values and act according to them.

  • Main and Central Core of Values

    We should absolutely, permanently, and unconditionally adhere to social, professional, and human ethics at any time. All members are expected to have a common understanding of ethics and act upon it in whatever they do.

  • Priority and Preference

    We make efforts toward providing best and most standard legal services which lead to gaining satisfaction of clients in world-class level.

  • Perfection and Integrity

    We are deeply committed to protect professional and ethical culture we use in our language and act upon. All members of this firm have perfect harmony in providing services based on this approach. Perfection and integrity of belief and action is when we act right and honestly while our action is not monitored.

  • Difference

    We welcome all talents, offers, and constructive criticisms, respect individual differences and exclusive terms and conditions, and this is a strong point which helps us to offer pragmatic, effective, and workable solutions.

  • Group and Supportive Performance

    The greatest approach of this law firm is to replace individualism with collective wisdom. Our clients enjoy support of a group of the best and specialist law experts and consultants in a single pack and are sure that services rendered to them are provided based on team work and collective wisdom.

    Our work space is a collaborative one, based on mutual respect and friendship which result in development of fairness, talent, and potentials.

  • Focused Objectives

    We look at commercial law as a means based on which clients can achieve success. Furthermore, commercial law helps us in development and keeping this law firm up to date. Cooperation with this law firm should bring colleagues and clients quality. Therefore, any of the members of this law firm are led by two principles; development of effective activity in long run for this law firm and helping clients for development of their activities.

  • Law Abiding Citizenship

    This law firm, as a single entity and separate from its members, is committed to all local and international laws and regulations, and as a citizen in society, makes its best efforts to act in compliance with laws and regulations and respect ethical and professional code of conduct.

  • Integrity in Words and Acts

    Trustability is beyond responsibility. Trust will not be gained unless through integrity and transparency. Integrity is the only test on which you cannot cheat.


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